April Gutafson

Bio: April Gustafson wants to live in a world where every person, young and old has one piece of technology to enhance their learning, collaborating, and understanding. As an Educational Technology Integration Specialist (ETIS) for Oklahoma City Public Schools, she has the awesome job of coaching the eight teachers who received a cart of 30 Chromebooks for their classes as a part of the John Marshall 1:1 Initiative. She has been a middle and high school science teacher at John Marshall the last five years, where she received the honor of the 2015 teacher of the year for her building and was a top nine finalist in the district. She is a Google user and believer, taking every opportunity to show and share her Google love! When she’s not scouring the Earth for new Ed Tech tools or coaching awe-inspiring teachers, you can find her listening to an array of paranormal audiobooks or binge watching television shows with family. Discover her favorite tech tools, videos and links go to http://tinyurl.com/AGustafson or follow her on Twitter @April2383. Mother, a devoted girlfriend, teacher, learner, ed tech nerd and the rest just follows... Living, Laughing, Loving!

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